Skaggs Symposium 2018


On behalf of the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy, I am pleased to invite you to the sixth biennial L.S. Skaggs Biomedical Research Symposium on October 4-5, 2018, in Tucson, Arizona! We welcome our fellow institutions supported by the ALSAM Foundation, including Idaho State University, University of California San Diego, University of Colorado Denver, University of Montana, University of Utah and the Scripps Research Institute.

The practice of pharmacy is changing rapidly to keep up with technological advances that will change and improve the way we treat our patients now and in the future. This also impacts the education and training we provide to students and influences the research we pursue. This year’s symposium theme, Therapeutic Development in the Era of Precision Medicine, reflects this changing landscape. As we have access to better tools to identify molecular targets and a deeper understanding of the individual differences that make us who we are, better therapies will be identified and patient outcomes will be notably improved.

The Skaggs family has always been invested in better treatments, better training and better innovations that lead to better outcomes. In the era of precision medicine, these schools and the Scripps Research Institute come together to discuss the fast-paced world of drug development and therapeutic design to lead the next generation of health care.

We warmly welcome you to the 2018 Skaggs Symposium and hope the fellowship, education and engagement capture the legacy Mr. Skaggs worked so hard to create.

Rick G. Schnellmann, PhD
Professor and Dean