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Excerpt of email from Auckland City Police

The driver of the stolen vehicle was only in the store for about 30 seconds.  However due to the instant response by your staff (to the stolen plate recognition alert) and their assistance with the direction the vehicle had left toward, the car was located travelling only a short distance up the road.

I went into the service station after the incident to pass on our gratitude and spoke to Ankush and Gagan further about the plate recognition system.  They advised that a vehicles number plate is read at the pump within 10 seconds of the vehicle stopping and then an alert is sent to the stores computer if it is showing as stolen.

This is a fantastic system you have which is effectively used by your staff.


The LPR system from  MAXINZ Ltd has an intuitive web based interface that is easy to operate. It has greatly simplified the operations of our car-park, with automatic gate opening for staff as well as hotel guest vehicles.